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Q & A: Pre-reading

The program that helped inspire Vikas Swarup to write Q & A.

More at this website. And here’s the CNN story.


And here’s an example from the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, which was the show imitated in Q & A.

Assignment: Gandhi, “Economic and Moral Progress”

Your assignment for Monday is to write a précis over Mohandas Gandhi’s essay “Economic and Moral Progress” (p. 332 in Reading the World). You should use the basic format that we used before, but this one can be a little longer. Here are the requirements:

  • Typed, double-spaced;
  • A sentence including the author, title, and date, a verb, and a “that” clause containing the major claim or idea;
  • A couple of sentences explaining how the author develops the claim;
  • 2-3 sentences providing key facts and/or details;
  • A sentence stating the author’s purpose, followed by an “in order” phrase.

This assignment is due Monday for all students who were here to get the assignment on Thursday.

Children of the Mountain

Intro to Précis Writing


For parents viewing the website for the first time, here’s the official trailer for the film Babies, which we watched in order to begin a larger discussion of childhood around the world.


“My Bedroom” Assignment

For today, you were supposed to bring in the following:

  • A visual representation of your bedroom as a child (if you lived in multiple places, choose one of your bedrooms). Try to include as many details as you can. It can be a diagram, a drawing, or a photograph. 
  • A paragraph explaining your drawing. Tell us what the most important details are, and why they mattered. 
If you were gone Wednesday, please bring these in on Friday. 

Where Children Sleep

Here’s the website you’ll need to complete the assignment for today and tomorrow. It’s James Mollison’s site for the “Where Children Sleep” project.