Spring Response 2 [Updated]

After last week’s release of the Kony 2012 video by Invisible Children, and our subsequent discussions of it, you should be in a good position to offer your own opinion on the campaign. What is your opinion of it? Among the questions you might consider when answering that, what do you think of the groups’ goals? What good do you think the campaign might do? What unintended consequences might it have? What do you think of the criticisms the campaign has faced? Do you think those criticisms were adequately addressed in the second Kony 2012 video (posted below)?

Christian Science Monitor: “U.S. State Department response to Kony 2012

New York Times: “Kony’s Victims and Kony 2012”

NPR: “Fact checking the Kony 2012 video”

Foreign Policy: “The Real Battle in Uganda”

LA Times: “Ugandans Suspicious of Kony 2012 Campaign”

Slate: “New Video Will Address Critics”


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