Some Sparks for Blog Post Ideas

Having trouble coming up with topics for blog posts? Here’s some stuff that’s been written in the past week that might be of interest…

Robert Wright of The Atlantic Monthly defends the purpose of Kony 2012.

Laura Seay of Foreign Policy decries media coverage of Africa.

Perhaps relatedly, TIME’s Alex Perry covers renewed tension and violence in South Sudan.

Marlise Simons of the New York Times reports on former Liberian President Charles G. Taylor being convicted by an international tribunal. He is the first head of state to be convicted in such a manner since the Nuremburg trials. Also in the Times, J. Peter Pham explains why the conviction wasn’t enough, and how it illustrates the problems with the international justice system.

And for something lighter and more artistic, Scottish artist Paul Cadden does some pretty amazing photorealistic drawings. If you wanted to visit his website and look around for things he’s said about his work, you could probably get a blog post out of that, too.


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