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Invisible Children

This is the first part of the documentary we watched in class. If you missed it, make sure you watch the whole documentary.

Pres. Obama Addresses U. N. Assembly

This morning, President Obama addressed the United Nations. He began his speech by talking about Ambassador Chris Stevens. The New York Times analysis is here.

PSA: Blog Posts

Just so we’re all on the same page: you should have nine blog posts, including the initial, introductory post, by the night of Sunday, September 23.

Where Children Sleep

Here’s the link to James Mollison’s photo project, “Where Children Sleep.”

“Children of the Mountains”: Now with More Uplift!

Here’s the link for ABC’s 20/20 episode, “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains.” And in the hopes of uplifting those of you who were depressed upon seeing the bleak end of the episode, here is an update that was posted at a short time after the episode aired in early 2009. (Although next week, I’d like to talk about why optimism at the end of a story like this isn’t necessarily a good thing.)

Finally, here is ABC’s list of charities which contribute to causes meant to help children who live in Appalachia.

Attacks in Libya, cont.

Today on Slate, Abby Ohlheiser explains the religious sect known as Coptic Christians. If you’d never heard that term before this week, you might be interested to read her short piece.

And a map posted at The Atlantic tracks today’s protests around the Middle East.

Attacks in Libya

Here are some links that might guide people toward some further answers to the questions we asked yesterday. Please note that some of these include video; if you’re going to watch them in the lab, please use headphones. Do also remember that not only is the YouTube video in question offensive to many in the Middle East, it is likely offensive to many here in the U.S.

Finally: Remember that this story is still developing, so you should be careful to consider what in these stories is fact, what is speculation, and what is opinion.

Okay, on to the links:

Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made the case that the attack itself was unlikely to be the result of a protest gone out of control, and that it was more likely a planned attack in retaliation for the US killing of al-Qaida’s #2 man (it’s long and complicated). The BBC suggests it might be another group, Ansar al-Sharia.

Dave Weigel of Slate gives some details regarding the still-murky origins of the offending video. Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic has been working on this as well.

Weigel also provides a link to the story we touched on from 2006, when the Danish cartoon controversy broke out.

Finally (for now), Goldberg also had a thoughtful take on blasphemy laws and freedom of speech.

UPDATE, 9/13/12: Again, via Jeffrey Goldberg, the AP is reporting that the initially-reported identity of the filmmaker is almost certainly fake, and that the actual filmmaker may be a Coptic Christian, rather than Israeli.

And the photo above is one from a series of powerful images posted by the Atlantic Wire.