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Saudi Oil Drying Up?

Via Greg Scoblete, I see the Daily Telegraph is reporting that oil consumption in Saudi Arabia is way up, and oil production is way down. If you’re interested in discussions of energy, you should read this.

Why does it matter if Saudi Arabia becomes an oil importer instead of an exporter? Well, according to the CIA, Saudi Arabia was the world’s largest producer of oil, pumping over 10 million barrels per day. Potentially a big effect on the world economy.

More Women’s Stories

Here is Foreign Policy‘s slideshow  about “child brides,” an increasingly common practice in rural Afghanistan. A quote that blows my mind: “More than 50 million girls under the age of 17 in developing countries are married.” National Geographic‘s Cynthia Gorney has a story about this as well.

And in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a woman, Manal-al-Sharif, was arrested this week for driving, after posting a YouTube video last week showing her defying the law. Women are not traditionally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, but some–men and women–are trying to change that.